Happy, Healthy Nails


I am always trying to use products that are less laden with synthetic and potentially toxic subtances. Nail polish (or nail varnish) is really quite a toxic concoction of chemicals. The ingredients of these nail polishes have been linked to many health conditions and dis-eases within the body.
As with many things there is a safer option, unfortunately this is the option that is never the most advertised or widely available or on occasion the cheapest on the market.
But I am planning to do some testing of brands that sell themselves as ‘better’ and ‘less toxic’.  So for this spring and summer we can all have happy, shiny, colourful nails!
The first is pictured here – Kure Bazaar from France.  Their ingredients are 85% of natural origin, from such things as cotton, potatoes, wheat…


They have a great array of colours and are available to buy online and in stores across Europe and the US.  I am trying out a pale coral colour which went on nicely and has a good shine and texture. I want to try some of the other darker colours and will see how they last!


Spring Break…

As it’s the 1st April today spring has nearly sprung! So we can dust off the cobwebs and break into the new season, the season of birth, light and growth with these wonderful tips from a fellow Yogi Eliza Coolsma. Her latest post titled Super Spring Health Day Plan details easy steps to make your week a little more calm. Ommmmmm…





Origami 折り紙

I have always been fascinated with all things Japanese…and last week I was begged to make an origami swan…of course I had no idea how to! But I came across these excellent videos on Videojug explaining lots of origami pieces. Here is a link to the video on how to make the origami swan.

The word in Japanese means ‘ori – folding’ and ‘kami – paper’, thus ‘folding paper’!  Simple really, except it’s not quite so!  It has been a tradition in Japan for centuries, however, it has also been seen in Germany, Italy and Spain over the years.  I read a lovely article by Wallpaper Editor Henrietta Thompson entitled The Joys of Paper in it she mentions that in Tokyo you can find paper boutiques on most street corners. How lovely. Stationery shops seem to be a dying breed due to our new found love of technology. However, the importance and beauty of paper should not be pushed aside, a medium that has existed since circa 600AD, it should be upheld as a precious commodity. But back to origami…it is a lovely art form, great for kids and for using one’s mental agility and dexterity!


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Child labour: mineral make-up boom raises fears over ethical extraction

Know whats in your makeup and where it has come from. With child labour rife in the world today, take a moment to find out where your lipstick or eyeshadow has come from, the ingredients that it contains; how have they been sourced and processed? There are many ethically produced, ecologically friendly and organic makeup brands on the market which can boast safe production practices.