Organic Mascaras

Every girl always says that her most essential makeup item in her makeup bag is mascara…and I have to agree. Although I don’t wear much makeup the one thing I always put on is mascara. It just opens up the eyes, gives some definition and makes one look a little more polished and presentable. There are so many on the market now in varying shapes, sizes and colours and being sold under many different guises. However, most mainstream mascaras contain potential allergens, parabens and irritants and with the eye area being so delicate should we not be more conscious when it comes to what we put on and around them every day?!
I have been trying some of the more natural and organic mascaras on sale, which historically have never matched their mainstream counterparts, they had no staying power, ran down one’s face or simply didn’t give any oomphf to one’s lashes.  However, they are improving and here are two more naturally formulated mascaras that I can recommend for day and evening use.  I have tried them both out for work, yoga and in the evening, for application and durability.

The first is Neal’s Yard Lengthening mascara which uses 78% organic ingredients, amongst them are argan oil, coconut oil, castor seed oil and white tea extract. So it is very conditioning for the lashes. It is free from silicones, parabens and mineral oils.  It gives a very natural look, and doesn’t clump at all, it glides on smoothly. I would say it’s best for when you want to define your lashes with colour, it’s a deep inky black, yet keep a very natural look; you want something on but not too much. The brush is great too, it’s firm, moulded plastic, not bristles and covers all the lashes, even little ones in the corners.

share_tempory-5 share_tempory-4


The second one is by Korres, their black volcanic minerals 3D volume mascara. It is not certified organic and not quite as ‘natural’ as the Neal’s Yard mascara if one is being super pedantic but it is free from parabens, mineral oils, silicone and ethanolamine. It contains sunflower seed oil, cotton and grape extract to nourish the lashes.  Again I used the black but it is available in brown, the colour is great, a very strong black. This mascara is better for when you want a ‘thicker’ look to your lashes, you can build it up using a couple of coats and it does last really well all day, and during yoga class! It has a bristle brush which helps to really get into all the lashes and gives more volume and therefore it’s perfect for any evening or bridal looks.

share_tempory-7 share_tempory-6

Both of them come off easily with a gentle sweep of Caudalie’s fantastic micellar water on an organic cotton pad or Sanoflore’s micellar cleansing droplets which smell divine.

I will trial some more but for now, these two are definitely worthy of a place in one’s ‘green’ makeup bag!

Spring Hair – Long, luscious locks

Ok so it’s not quite spring yet, but here in Madrid the sun is shining and it was 21 degrees today!  I am growing my hair…again, and came across this marvellous hair product thanks to my wonderful hairdresser’s in London, KELL SKÖTT.  The product is Caviar Repair, Lengthening Hair and Scalp Elixir, yes(!!!) a product that helps your hair grow long and beautiful…well maybe not faster but it certainly helps to condition and strengthen the hair to maximise it’s full potential!  Sounds wonderful, and it is!  On a recent trip to London I stopped by KELL SKÖTT HAIRCARE in Lambton Place, W11 to grab a bottle and have been using it since.  I highly recommend it.


And what’s more it is formulated without the following potential cosmetic ingredient nasties:

– Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, DEA, TEA, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, PABA, and Paraffin.

KELL SKÖTT HAIRCARE stock and sell the whole Caviar Repair range which includes shampoos and conditioners.

So the verdict is a double thumbs up!

…And the same goes for new Danish Eatery & Takeaway ‘Snaps & Rye‘ on Golborne Road, London.

It is owned and run by Danish hairdresser Kell Skött and his wife Jacqueline and it’s full of yummy Danish deliciousness! Plenty of herring and some magnificent meringues.

It’s definitely worth checking out Snaps & Rye, 93 Golborne Road, W10 and their 100% organic homemade sourdough rye bread ready for you to purchase, freshly baked on Thursday and Sunday mornings!





Photo Shoot with Isabel Vazquez

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with the beautiful Spanish presenter Isabel Vazquez. The portrait photos were for her forthcoming book, the title of which for the moment is still a secret, so I can’t divulge any details as yet!  But here are a couple of photos, the look was to be really natural to let her personality shine and appear neutral for the book. We also shot in natural daylight which was a delight.

IsabelVazquez IsabelVazquez IsabelVazquez

Photographs © Santiago de Leaniz

I used Miss Alissi Caviar Cellular foundation on her skin, which is a fantastic Spanish all natural beauty brand. It is a one-colour-fits all foundation, and just blends onto the skin leaving it flawless, the finish is light and slightly mattifying. Then Maybelline black gel liner which has just the best texture, you can blend it, smudge it, or just paint a precise line, and for the price it is superb. I used Neal’s Yard great Lengthening Mascara which is lovely and natural, then I finished with dustings of Benecos trio colour blusher, Fall in Love and NARS light reflecting setting powder. We used her favourite Dior lipstick for her lips.

Isabel is a writer and television presenter and works regularly for Canal Plus here in Spain commenting on US and European television series such as Madmen, True Detective, The Fall, Broadchurch, The Bridge and many, many more. She is a total expert and knows every episode, character, line, scene and sub-plot!  Follow her at for her latest news, comment and critiques.


Photograph taken from her blog.